In todays competitive world companies are more and more looking for ways to make right first time decisions during both recruitment and organisational development processes.

At The Business Portfolio we ensure that you have access to valid, reliable and proven tests that can provide you with information to help you choose between candidates, highlight candidates’ strengths and development areas and provide the specific individual support and training interventions which will mean a more engaged, effective and efficient workforce whilst ensuring employee wellbeing is at the heart of everything you do.

Wherever possible we only work with British Psychological Society approved tests and organisations to ensure that you and your employees receive the best and fairest measuring procedures.

Psychometrics are a standard and scientific method used to measure individuals' mental capabilities and behavioural style, they are designed to measure candidates' suitability for a role based on the required personality characteristics and aptitude (or cognitive abilities). The tests identify the extent to which candidates' personality and cognitive abilities match those required to perform the role. Employers use the information collected from the psychometric test to identify the hidden aspects of candidates that are difficult to extract from a face-to-face interview.

Our portfolio of tests is designed to help organisations at all stages of the employee engagement and business enhancement process. Over the years the pioneering work of people such as John Adair, Daniel Goleman and David MacLeod has clearly demonstrated that there is a direct link between employee engagement/capabilities and business performance. Every organisation be they multinationals such as Apple or small SME's are dependent on their people to design, manufacture, sell, deliver, account manage, administrate or manage/lead but only in recent years have companies begun to wake up to the power of their people - The Business Portfolio is here to help you and your company maximise the potential of its people.

Our tests and surveys help at every stage of the development process:

  1. Recruitment and Selection: Carrus and Prevue help you identify the potential employees with the key skills, attitudes and behaviours that will enhance your workforce
  2. Self-Awareness: MTQ48 and MBTI will help your employees understand themselves better, how their attitudes, behaviours and personalities affect not just there own lives but also those around them
  3. Team Work: Team Work Orientation describes the key components of high performance team working, the model has been used successfully as a basis for developing team working in a great number of blue chip organisations in the UK.
  4. Leadership Style - proven to directly affect the profitability of organisations, the leadership of any organisation will directly impact the engagement of its staff and the strategy, direction and business success. Our ILM72 test is also available as a 360 format.
  5. Climate: 'What its Like to Work Here' are your employees going the 'extra mile' giving of their best for your organisation? Our Organisational Development survey will help find out what your staff are thinking.
  6. Engagement: David Macleod says: “This is about how we create the conditions in which employees offer more of their capability and potential”. As specialists in Human Resource Dynamics we can help.
  7. Technical Competence: Whatever industry, what ever job role your staff have to have the skills, understanding and demonstrable competence to do their jobs, safely, effectively and efficiently. Our training Needs Analysis and Competence Assurance processes ensure your staff are trained to a standard that makes a difference.

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