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AQR's goal is to make high quality psychometric tools and measures available more widely to managers and those involved in developing people and organisations.

Psychometric measures offer considerable value to users in helping them to make better decisions about people. This means ensuring that AQR's measures are:

  1. Easy to understand by both users and test takers
  2. Designed to be easy to administer & manage
  3. Designed to support quality feedback to the test taker

and that test users are:

  1. Adequately trained to use these tools at a reasonable cost
  2. Supported in their use

It is important that test users are competent and are adequately trained in test use.

AQR offers a range of licensed test users programmes. There is no requirement for test users to be BPS Level A or B trained to use any of our measures. 

AQR also offers consultancy services to enable clients and users of all types to obtain the maximum value from the user of AQR's measures and materials. This includes training, development and coaching programmes which deliver spectacular improvement in the performance of people and organisations.

AQR's work applies to people of all ages - from four to ninety. To visit the AQR website click