human capital

Operating in partnership with your business, TBP offers a complete RPO solution that optimises your workforce long-term. We can support your recruitment drive whether you require a high volume recruitment campaign or the fulfilment of specialist and multi-level roles. We can implement strategies that will help you fulfil your current recruitment needs to achieve future objectives. We will attain the best possible results for your organisation with integrity, transparency and flexibility.

TBP delivers a flexible RPO resourcing partnership. By understanding your core values and corporate objectives, we develop a highly targeted, consistent candidate attraction strategy, comprehensive competency and technical assessments, and a sustainable talent pool to effectively manage attrition and hiring cycles.

Candidate Attraction
TBP will use innovative attraction strategies to reach your target job seeker audience, from focused job board advertising through to creative digital and social media marketing. We will also consider local direct marketing and combine our expertise in these area to develop a strong attraction strategy designed to appeal to as wide a candidate audience as possible.

Talent Acquisition
At TBP, we direct a multi-layered human capital acquisition strategy focused on employment branding, workforce segmentation, talent acquisition, planning and strategy, and continuous metrics tracking. We build comprehensive talent recruitment plans that unify business goals and talent aspirations.

Market Mapping
TBP will work with you to understand your strengths, challenges, opportunities and market position relating to talent acquisition. Networking and headhunting are essential tools used in RPO to help deliver a targeted acquisition strategy.

Working in partnership with you, we will help to identify your unique appeal to employees or candidates. We want to understand how you differ in the marketplace and why you are considered an employer of choice. Developing your Employee Value Proposition is increasingly important. By demonstrating the advantages of your company to employees and candidates alike, you will ultimately drive down compensation premiums and increase internal advocacy, enabling you to benefit from your EVP long-term.

Screening and Assessing
Screening questionnaires and assessments offer an effective and reliable way to analyse capabilities and predict performance. We incorporate a range of tests to efficiently screen large volumes of candidates. Our suite of assessments enhance the candidate experience and increases our engagement throughout the process. Our comprehensive screening and assessments process is completed to the highest standards to identify the best possible candidates.​