Apprenticeship LEVY

How to convert your mandatory Apprentice Levy contribution into your own internal Leadership & Management training budget?

The UK government has committed to a target of three million apprenticeship starts between 2015 and 2020 - and they're aiming to get businesses involved with the introduction of the apprenticeship levy. The apprenticeship levy will help to fund this, raising up to 3 billion per year by 2021. From April 2017, employers with an annual pay-bill of £3 million or more will pay 0.5% into the levy. Government estimates that around 21,000 UK employers will be required to pay the levy; no employer is exempt.

Apprenticeships combine on and off-the-job learning to maximise impact for both learners and their employers, and no longer mean just young people 'serving their time', this applies to all of the workforce. Recent reforms mean that more organisations than ever before will be using Management Apprenticeships to develop essential leadership skills in existing staff and to attract new talent. 

ILM’s market-leading management apprenticeships solutions are designed to create a more qualified and better trained workforce. They focus on developing practical skills and knowledge that help leaders and mangers to do their jobs more effectively.

Poor people management is hitting the efficiency of UK businesses by an average of 8%, costing UK PLC £84bn a year. That's a huge loss to the UK economy and one that can be addressed by developing better leadership skills at all levels of the organisation.

Apprenticeships are a big opportunity for business.

A report from the Centre for Economics Business Research (CEBR) in 2015 said that both businesses and consumers would prefer to do business with employers involved in apprenticeships.

The relaxation of the rules around apprenticeships means that more people than ever are eligible for them. However, many employers aren’t aware of the change in the rules. The City & Guilds Skills Shortage Nation report revealed that just a fifth (19%) of employers are aware that managers, directors and senior official job roles could be occupied by apprentices. More than half (59%) of the UK's HR professionals are not aware of new standards that enable apprenticeships to be used as a means to address the critical needs of their business.

TBP is approved to sit on the RoATP (ESFA Register of Approved Training Providers).

To discuss your Leadership & Management requirements and to use your own organisations apprentice levy contribution to train your own staff linking to ILM apprentice standards contact us for a no obligation discussion.

We will explain how to put your own mandatory outgoing levy contribution to use in house as a training budget as opposed to effectively an additional tax on your bottom line. Make the Financial Director happy, contact us on or for more information take a look at the Governments website by clicking here