The enhanced capabilities we bring to individuals and teams result in tangible improvements to engagement,  productivity, performance and bottom-line profitability.

​We use leading edge psychometric testing to help give right first time evaluation of an individuals during recruitment and development processes​

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The Business Portfolio (UK) Ltd is a full-managed service Organisational Development consultancy. We create long-term relationships with our clients both in the UK and globally, who see us a natural extension of their  business  -  a  strategic  partner  working  closely providing quality service support.

The enhanced capabilities we bring to individuals and teams  will  result  in  measurable benefits    to    productivity,    performance    and    bottom-line    profitability.    Through    our development   activities   we   also   achieve   added   benefits   such   as   employee engagement, resilience, well-being, long-term loyalty,  greater motivation and, importantly, competent workforce.

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Through our strategic partnership we can offer a flexible RPO resourcing partnership to develop a highly targeted, consistent candidate attraction and retention strategy

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